Here you will find all the information you need if you are running Tjejmilen 2021. We’re extremely happy to be able to stage Tjejmilen 2021, even if we have to make a number of adjustments due to the current pandemic.

We’ll do our very best to provide an unforgettable experience and create the same feeling of joy and power, which has always characterised Tjejmilen.  If you have run Tjejmilen before, you will notice that we have somewhat fewer music stations and activities along the course.  Because of the restrictions, our partners are unable to be in the event area.  But we have the most important ingredients for a successful event – we have you and all the other participants. And we know that you’re great at supporting each other, spreading happiness and fighting spirit.  Something which seems more important now than ever.

This information may be updated closer to the race.


The 37th Tjejmilen will take place on Saturday 4 September on Gärdet and Djurgården in Stockholm. Tjejmilen will be 40 years old in 2024,  a feat to be celebrated in style, and we have already started! For four years we’ll be paying tribute to all the fantastic girls who’ve run Tjejmilen by creating unique races with a little extra.  This year we’re celebrating by focusing on the 80s – the decade that Tjejmilen was founded.  We’ll take you back to the premiere in 1984, through the warm-up and wonderful 80s music at the start and along the course.

Collect your Race Pack at the Tjejmilen Expo
Tjejmilen’s race registration will be sent out by email. Bring your race registration to the Tjejmilen Expo where you can collect your Race Pack, which includes your number bib and runner’s bag. Your start number is shown on your race registration. If you lose your race registration, take your ID card with you to the Expo. Read more about Tjejmilen Expo below.

EXPO with number bib distribution in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

This year’s Tjejmilen Expo is in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Solna, with the following opening times:

  • Monday 30 August 12:00-21:00
  • Tuesday 31 August 10:00-21:00
  • Wednesday 1 September 10:00-21:00
  • Thursday 2 September 10:00-21:00
  • Friday 3 September 10:00-21:00

Due to the Expo’s location, you must collect your number bib by 21:00 on Friday.  The Expo is not open on the day of the race – this is to ensure that everyone can collect their number bib and make it in time for the start on Gärdet.  If you are not able to get to the Expo, you can give your race registration to someone else who can collect your number bib. 

You will get safety pins together with your number bib, which must be worn on the chest and be fully visible during the race.

You can travel to Westfield Mall of Scandinavia on the following tram line (Tvärbana) or Commuter train (Pendeltåg):
• Tvärbana – Solna station: 22A. Runs between Alvik and Solna station.
• Pendeltåg – Solna station: J36, J38.
For more information visit sl.se.

Last minute entries

Have you, or someone else you know, forgotten to enter? You can buy a start place at the Expo in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia. Go to the Information Desk and we will help you. Entry fee: 495 kr for the Fun Run and 545 kr for the Competition class. It is not possible to enter the race at the event area on Gärdet.

Changing start group
On your digital race registration which you will receive by email, you will see the start group you are placed in. If you want to change start group, this is possible subject to availability, but it can only be done at the Information Desk at the number bib distribution at the Expo. Changing to a later start group than the one you are registered in is always possible. If you want to move to an earlier start group, you will need to show a result which proves that you are qualified to move up. Start by collecting your number bib, then go to the Information Desk to make the change.  


Infection control
It is extremely important that runners contribute to the prevention of infection at the event by: 

  • Keeping a distance
  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer
  • Staying home if you have symtoms of covid 19
  • Only touching the mugs which you are drinking from at the water stations
  • Listening to and following the instructions of officials and the announcer
  • Not coming to Gärdet more than 30 minutes before your start time
  • Leaving the finish area directly after you finish to make room for new runners


Due to the current  situation with the pandemic, we are trying to arrange everything as risk-free as possible and, of course, are following all the restrictions and guidelines. Therefore, the entire start and finish area will be fenced-off and only runners with the appropriate number bib will be allowed into the start area.

It is important that, directly after you finish, you leave the finish area to make room for more runners. The area will be marshalled by officials who will ensure that no unauthorised people come in and that everyone shows consideration in order to prevent infection.  For this reason, it is especially important to keep to allocated start times, and in this way we can still provide our runners with a wonderful experience.

The easiest way to get to the event area is to take the underground’s Red line towards Ropsten and get off at Karlaplan and then walk to Gärdet. For more information visit sl.se.


Nordic Wellness will provide an 80s-inspired warm-up for all runners in all start groups. The warm-up will begin 10 minutes before each start.


All runners in the Competition class will have their start time registered when they pass the start line.  In this way, everyone will get their ’real’ running time registered, ie the time from passing the start line to crossing the finish line.

We use Racetimer for timekeeping.  Times are recorded using a datachip which is attached to a tab at the top of the number bib. Don’t tear this tab off! For the timing to work, the tab should be folded out away from your body at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees. Avoid having your hands/arms in front of the upper part of the number bib – where the chip is located – when you pass the start and finish lines.  

On the reverse side of the number bib, write the name and telephone number of a friend/relative, and also information about medication you may be taking or illness you may have.  This will help our medical officers if you have problems during the race.

First start: 10:00 Tjejmilen Trail and 12:00 Tjejmilen – entry 30 mins before!

Tjejmilen starts on Lindarängsvägen. Tjejmilen has 9 start times.  Your start number is on your number bib. You can find your start time in the table below. The start area will open 30 minutes before your start time. There will be water in the start area in case you need to drink just before the start and you can also hand in clothing if you need to. To avoid crowding at the entrance to the start area, we request that you don’t arrive at Gärdet before the start area opens for your specific start time.

Start times Tjejmilen Trail
Tjejmilen Trail has the same start area as Tjejmilen but instead of setting off on asphalt and gravel roads, you will quickly be taken into the forest where you’ll face challenging terrain and beautiful views. To avoid congestion on the narrow paths, we are releasing a small number of runners every minute between 10:00 and 10:15 according to the following recommended times:

  • 10:00 – if you have run another trail race under 67 min.
  • 10:05 – if you have run another trail race between 68-74 min.
  • 10:10 – if you have run another trail race between 75-120 min.

Search in the start list
The complete start list for Tjejmilen is here. There you will find your start number.


The course is 10,000 metres long
The course, which is relatively flat, is 10,000 metres. The only difficult hills come after 6.5km  and after 9km and are followed in both cases with nice downward slopes. There are officials at every road crossing and along the course there are signs marking every kilometre.  The surface is 90% asphalt. The rest of the course is on gravel.

Refreshment and energy stations Tjejmilen
There are four refreshment stations along the course. At station 1 and 3 water is provided, at station 2 and 4 Enervit sports drink and water are provided. The sports drink is on the first tables.  Water is on the following tables.  Just before refreshment station 2 at around 5 km Smiling fruktbars are provided and just before refreshment station 3 at 6,8 km there are Dextro Energy tablets. 

After every refreshment station there are litter bins. Please throw your mugs in these bins and make the work of the officials easier.

Refreshment and energy stations Tjejmilen Trail
There are three refreshment stations along the course. At station 1 and 3 water and Enervit sports drink are provided, at station 2 water is provided.  The sports drink is on the first table.  Water is on the next table.  At refreshment stations 1 and 3 at around 1.6 and 6.8 km Smiling fruktbars are provided and at refreshment station 2 at 4,3 km there are Dextro Energy tablets. 

After every refreshment station there are litter bins. Please throw your mugs in these bins and make the work of the officials easier.

Motivation along the course
There will be a lot going on along the 10 km course on Gärdet and Djurgården. Several cheerleaders, livebands and DJs will be cheering you on and motivating you all the way in to the finish.

Show consideration

If you become tired during the race and want to take it a little easier, keep to the right, so that those who are faster can easily pass on the left. If you’re in the company of several others, make sure that you don’t run, jog or walk more than two abreast.  Then there’s always an opportunity for others to pass.

Here are some competition rules which all participants must follow during Tjejmilen:
• It is not permitted to have a dog during the race.
• Baby buggies, walking poles and other aids are only permitted in the last start group which starts at 16:00.


Toilets and changing facilities

There are toilets at various locations on Gärdet. There are also toilets at every refreshment station.  There is limited access to changing facilities on Gärdet so we strongly recommend that you change at home or at your hotel. Changing facilities at the event area are at Gärdesskolan school, Valhallavägen 175-181 and Kampementsbadet pool on Gärdet. We’d be grateful if you could help to keep these changing areas clean and tidy.

Clothing drop-off
If it’s possible, we recommend that you don’t take valuables or clothing, other than those you run in, to the event. This is because we have a limited area to hand in clothing in the start area. If you need to hand something in there are enclosures (A-J), you choose whichever you want.  There you will receive a two-part label. On the larger label, you fill in your start number and fasten it to your bag. You stick the smaller label to the reverse side of your number bib. After the race, go to the enclosure which matches the letter you put on the reverse of your number bib, show the bib and you get your belongings back. Avoid, if at all possible, to take valuables to the race since we have no special deposit service for these.

Finish service

Directly after the finish you will receive a beautiful Tjejmilen medal. In addition GB are offering classic Piggelin ice lollies, Smiling fruktbars, Chiquita bananas and Värska sparkling water. As soon as you have collected your finishers’ products you will need to leave the finish area to make room for the next runners crossing the line –  this is due to the current pandemic.

Medical service
Doctors and nurses are at the start and finish as well as the refreshment stations.  Don’t run Tjejmilen if you are not completely healthy. If you are unsure, please contact our medical team who are near the finish area on Gärdet before starting. Stay at home if you experience any cold symptoms.


If you have any questions before Tjejmilen please contact us  tel: +46 (0)8 545 664 40 (weekdays 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:30) or [email protected] During race day you will find our Information tent in the event area.

Good Luck at Tjejmilen!

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